Ouachita Mountains here we come!

Ouachita Mountains Life: A 5-Year Plan 

Ouachita Mountains Blue Hole near Hopper, AR
Blue Hole near Hopper, AR

In December of 2016 my husband and I were returning from visiting friends in Arkansas over the holidays. We visit our friends a couple of times each year and have grown to love the region. We love the people, the recreation, the weather, you name it. A while into our return drive we decided it was time to commit. We established we would embark on a “five-year plan” to scout property in the Ouachita Mountains and make a purchase.

Fast forward to December 2017. We had spent a year researching locations in and around the Ouachita National Forest and had zeroed in on the area where we wanted to purchase. Our location needed to be close to small towns and Hot Springs but in the mountains and near all the recreation we love and enjoy.

We returned to Arkansas for the holidays and made arrangements to meet with a realtor to tour properties in the area. He showed us several incredible places but we were a bit like Goldilocks’ bears. One property was too close to town, one property was too large, etc. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the process, learned more about the area, and ultimately zeroed in on a location to focus our search.

The Thrifty Nickel comes through

Ouachita Mountains Creek at Cairn Creek
One of the creeks at Cairn Creek near Caddo Gap, AR

Shortly after our return to Kansas our friend sent us a text with a picture of an ad from The Thrifty Nickle. The ad was short and sweet. It read “Hopper-Caddo Gap area near National Forest. 60 wooded acres, mostly mature hardwood. Two year round running creeks and mountain views”. It seemed perfect based on these three lines so I reached out to the owner for more information. In true Southern fashion, the owner returned my call approximately two weeks later. (Over time we’ve come to love this slower pace and choose to find it charming!) After my phone call we were interested so we sent our friends to scope it out. Their report was positive! In March, 2018, we made a quick trip back to Arkansas. We toured the property, made an offer, and came back home prospective land owners in the majestic Ouachita Mountains.

What’s next?

As the purchase of property has unfolded more quickly than we thought, we’ve begun moving on with the next phases of our planning. Preliminary plans are drawn for the main lodge to be built in line with those Ouachita Mountain views. Arrangements are made to clear the trails and the building site. There is clean up to do and, of course, my husband has plans for deer hunting this Fall.

We’re on our way and we hope you’ll follow our journey!

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