Off-Grid Retreat… at Cairn Creek

Off-Grid Retreat

Cairn Creek Caddo Gap Arkansas

Entrance to Cairn Creek










You’re familiar with a staycation, right? Well, our recent visit to Cairn Creek was a workcation situation as we kicked off our dreams of an off-grid retreat at the little cabin up on the ridge.

We accomplished an incredible amount of work in the few days we were there. But, we also had a ton of fun and got to do all the things we love – hiking, cooking over the fire, hanging with friends around the firepit, and visiting Hot Springs. We even got to have dinner at the Fish Nest in Glenwood, a treat for sure complete with handmade fried pies for dessert!

Current Projects

The current project is cleaning up the cabin that lives beyond the creek, up on the ridge. It’s such a beautiful location up there with excellent views of the Ouachita’s all around. It’s secluded and cozy; you really feel like you’re in the mountains. Of course, the guys are looking forward to a warm place to stay this Fall during deer season.

Before and After

Everyone loves a good before and after, right?!?! Well, this before was such a mess, these pictures don’t even do it justice. I was so overwhelmed just thinking about how we would accomplish this cleanup! But, in true form, we put our heads down and got it done! And, in the end, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Before… This cute little cabin had been lived in for a short time and then abandoned. When I say abandoned, I mean the people just up and left everything!

Cabin at Cairn Creek Caddo Gap ArkansasCabin at Cairn Creek Caddo Gap ArkansasCabin at Cairn Creek Caddo Gap Arkansas





After… we cleared trash and brush, and this makeshift campsite to reveal a sweet little cabin that, with some love, will be something really special!

Off-grid at Cairn Creek Caddo Gap Arkansas Off-grid at Cairn Creek Caddo Gap Arkansas

Off-grid at Cairn Creek Caddo Gap Arkansas










Next Steps…

We can’t wait to get back and get busy on finishing this cabin. We’re making this cabin an off-grid retreat due primarily to its secluded location and secondarily because we’re interested in sustainability.

Later this summer we’ll finish out the interior and add solar and a small wood burning stove. Plans also include building an outdoor kitchen (and bathhouse) since the weather will allow use most of the year.

Off-grid may not be everyone’s cup of tea (don’t worry, we’ll have options!) but it is a great way to utilize this secluded cabin and experiment with sustainability. We’re learning so much and having a great time dreaming and planning. Please share your experiences or lessons learned in the comments. We’re open to ideas for making this cabin great again!

Also, follow along to see the “after the after”! Things are changing fast at Cairn Creek and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Til next time…


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