Hunting Arkansas: Archery Season

Arkansas Bow Hunting Season Opens September 29!

Hunting Arkansas

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Brian here, taking over the blog for a quick post about one of my greatest passions – Bow Hunting Whitetails.

Can you feel it? The nights are getting longer and there’s that familiar feeling stirring inside. And, that feeling will turn into full-blown insanity come November when the rut is in full swing. I end up behaving just as bizarrely as the testosterone-infused bucks. My wife will attest to this and has suggested I seek professional help on numerous occasions.

Many of my most memorable hunts and the incredible things I’ve witnessed have occurred during archery deer season. Last season, after 16 years of bow hunting, I finally got to witness a buck working a scrape. I was so mesmerized by what was happening I never even lifted my bow!

Bow hunting has also kicked me in the nuts a time or two; Murphy’s Law is definitely alive and well during bow season. I’m here to tell you, if it can go wrong, it has happened to me! Funny stories aside, just know that things will go wrong in the field. Some you may be able to prevent and others you have no control over.

I am reminded of this every year when I hunt Arkansas. Hunting Arkansas is so much different than hunting here at home in Kansas. For example, in Kansas, we (usually) prepare for strong winds from one direction all day. Although the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas don’t have the altitude of places I’ve hunted in Wyoming and Colorado, what they do have in common is the swirling wind. I’ve had hunts in the Ouachita’s where I swear the wind was laughing in perfect harmony with the 2 does loudly alarming all the animals in a 2-mile radius that a smelly bow hunter is lurking nearby.

But, the flip side of a frustrating hunt is when that hot doe drags a jaw-dropper in front of you and you end a 5-year drought. Then you remember why you do this season after season. As a bow hunter, you take the good, the bad, the hilarious and the overall insanity that is archery season. It’s the memories and the possibilities of next year that keep me coming back.

Good luck this season. Shoot straight and please, wear your safety harness!!!



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