Dream… The Journey and Next Steps

dream bed and breakfast

Modern Bed and Breakfast

Cairn Creek has been my dream for nearly two decades. I have fantasized about owning and operating a bed and breakfast since we first started traveling and chose the more personal experience of inns and B&B’s over hotel stays. I had never verbalized my dream to anyone but Brian for fear someone would tear it down before it could even be built. But, I found the courage to put voice to my vision and I shared with the right people; people who love and support me.

The Journey

One year ago, at Christmastime, we started looking for property. This helped us get clear on the area we wanted to focus on and the other criteria we wanted/needed in a property. On the drive home, we hatched a “5-year Plan”.

On January 9, 2018, I made a phone call in response to a 3-line ad in “The Thrifty Nickle” that started the ball rolling on those plans.

The first weekend in March 2018, we took a quick trip back to look at that property. It checked all the boxes! We made a deal over coffee at the McDonald’s in Glenwood, AR, and drove back owners of part of a mountain!

In May 2018, our dear friends, who live in the area, started clearing for a driveway. They oversaw additional clearing of the property and set us up for Fall hunting season. They worked their asses off throughout the summer because they see the vision and they love us like their own!

Dream of Cairn Creek

We returned in September 2018, to the most amazing vision! My dreams had come true!


We went “home” for Thanksgiving and spent the entire trip wrapped in the arms of friends and family. We hunted, hiked, and hung out by the fire pit with the most important people in our lives. And, Brian got his first Arkansas buck at Cairn Creek!

Dream buck

Hunting Cairn Creek

We returned from our Thanksgiving trip with plans to build a cabin in the Summer of 2019. Those plans are now drawn and we’re in the process of selling some property in Kansas to fund the next step of our adventure!

Next Steps

It will never cease to amaze me how just by putting our dreams out into the universe they begin to materialize. When it’s right and on purpose, we can’t help but realize success!

There are so many great things ahead and we’re excited to soon be able to share the “labor of love” that is Cairn Creek with others who are seeking a space to “relax, reflect, and renew” – with a little adventure sprinkled on top!

This next year on the blog will be more about the progress and what’s happening at Cairn Creek. We’ll be sharing:

  • More about our vision and why we’re embarking on this journey of a lifetime
  • How we’re working to create a lifestyle we love and what that looks like
  • Ways we’ll share that lifestyle with others
  • How we’re building our brand and strategy (there’s so much to learn!)
  • The building process and plans for the future
  • Some design and decor inspiration
  • Good food – always!!!
  • About getting outdoors and what to do in the area
  • Our travel adventures
  • Health and wellness topics
  • Some not too crazy off-the-grid info as we rehab the existing cabin
  • What’s going on in our new community – events, etc.

Much appreciation for coming along with us on this most important journey!



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